VertiGIS's Boil Water Advisory Solution:
Protect Community Health and Wellbeing with a Targeted GIS Solution

Do you have a plan if your community's drinking water becomes contaminated? While it is a worst-case scenario, protecting source water is a top priority for water providers around the world.

VertiGIS offers a solution built specifically for users of Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network data model to help them visualize their water network and quickly trace areas that may be affected by a source water contaminant. The solution helps water utilities of all sizes to quickly identify and notify customers when there is a need to boil water, including pushing notifications to consumers via websites, social media, and mobile notifications. Contact us to learn more.

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How can it help me?

Respond Quickly: When a water quality issue arises, time is of the essence. Respond rapidly by identifying affected areas and generating contact information for consumers in that area.

Increase Efficiency: Streamline your notification process. Don't waste time manually identifying which customers need to be notified of a water quality issue. Let the solution do the work for you, freeing up time to address other critical tasks during a contamination scenario.

Enhance Communication and Build Trust: By pushing notifications to your website and social media channels to ensure that the message reaches as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

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